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The world's most flexible, live virtual classroom solution (Adobe® Connect™) meets the world's most popular LMS (Moodle®) in a seamless integration from Refined Data Solutions!

Users can enter Adobe Connect meetings, launch Presenter and Captivate presentations and watch event recordings with a single click from inside of Moodle!

Connect-2-Moodle provides a Single Sign On (SSO) environment in which information passes effortlessly in both directions between the two platforms so users cannot tell where Moodle ends and Adobe Connect begins.

You can drop in anytime.

This product is a simple drop-in to any existing Moodle (version 2.3 or higher) and consists of a number of components including modules, blocks and authentication plugins. No changes are required to any core Moodle files and in order to activate the integration you will be instructed to create an account on Refined Services and update your users and courses accordingly.
Installation and configuration typically take about an hour to complete. Our code is provided as a series of plugins that can be installed directly from the Moodle interface. Installation instructions are provided as a READ ME file once the plugin is downloaded or our experts can assist via a screen share.

Easy Installation
Connect-2-Moodle is installed as a series of simple drop-in modules, blocks and activities.
Displays all Connect meetings that a user is invited/entitled to attend based on course enrollments or explicit invitations.
Refined Data Block
The Refined Tools block provides one-click launch for Adobe Connect, access to create and edit Refined custom reminder messages, direct link to Refined Data support center and the ability to generate on the fly SSO links for Adobe Connect events.
Connect Authentication Module for two way user creation and SSO
Current Connect users can log in to Moodle using their existing credentials and a matching Moodle record will be auto-created. Optional features allow assigning Moodle Administrative status to users with Connect Administrative rights. Full synchronization of Moodle and Connect databases.
Connect Activities
Grade-able activities including Connect Meetings, Connect Recordings, Connect Slideshows and Connect Quiz. Create your meetings directly from within Moodle or connect to existing meetings, recordings and content. Set grading conditions based on meeting attendance or content interaction.
Connect Filter
Provides powerful real-time personalization within Moodle plus special Connect macro tags for quick integration between the two platforms. Type a "User" tag to inject personal user information on course pages or in emails. The "Connect" tag can SSO launch any type of Adobe Connect content with a single click from any location within the system or through system generated custom reminder messages. The tags supports meetings, recordings, presentations, etc. The "MyMeetings" and "MyRecordings" tags provide users with hyper linked lists of live and recorded events they are entitled to access.

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RDS also offers Refined Training, a fully hosted LMS solution based on Moodle with over 1 million dollars of extensive custom enhancements not available anywhere else. This platform provides eCommerce, learning paths, event management, custom reporting, dynamic multi-domain content, HTML messaging, CRM integration and much more.
Connect-2-Moodle vs Free Integration on Moodle Website
Think the free integration tool available on the Moodle website has all the functionality you need? Think again! Connect-2-Moodle is in a league of its own.
The most obvious difference:
The SSO associated with the free integrator doesn't work with Adobe SaaS Hosted Accounts (which represent the majority of Adobe deployments). Our Connect-2- Moodle plugin works seamlessly with both licensed and hosted Adobe Connect platforms.
Connect-2-Moodle is fully supported by the world's foremost experts on Adobe Connect. Our solution is guaranteed to work out of the box.

Connect-2-Moodle possesses all of the functionality of the free integrator PLUS the following:

Ability to link to a meeting independent of a Moodle activity.
Direct links to Adobe content (Presenter, Captivate, etc).
Iconic display of links that dynamically change based on the type of content.
Pulling back the time, phone details, title, and description for Adobe meetings, displaying them dynamically within Moodle.
"My Meetings" displays a list of each users upcoming meetings.
"My Recordings" display a list of all recordings available in a course.
Personalization filters (i.e. personalized greetings and content).
Authentication plugin - creates a Moodle account from an Adobe login, and vice-versa (free integrator only creates an Adobe account for the user).
Ability to set Adobe Connect as the master for authentication.
Ability to update the profile fields from Moodle to Adobe (address, company, title, phone, etc).
Group based permissions for easy changes.
Connect Activities - scheduling reminders and post event emails based on a meeting (replaces Adobe Events).
Reports time spent in a meeting, in a recording, results on a quiz, slides watched and allows creation of a Moodle grade based on these milestones.
Linking of Connect events with the Moodle calendar.
Link existing Moodle users with any existing Connect user.
New Moodle users result in new Connect users automatically.
Support for external authentication (e.g. LDAP, CASS etc.).
Sophisticated caching of Connect data to maximize performance. Many times faster than the free module.
Create new Connect meetings from Moodle.
Create recurring Connect meetings from Moodle.
Auto creation and synchronization between Moodle courses and Connect groups.
Auto synchronization between Moodle course enrollments and Connect group membership.
Full international time zone support for Connect event and calendar features inside of Moodle.
Synchronization of the Moodle and Connect user databases (Moodle becomes the master database).
Auto reporting of recent Connect meeting attendance from within Moodle.
Auto redirect to most recent Connect meeting recordings if meeting room is empty.

As you can see, Connect-2-Moodle is a significantly more powerful integration tool than the free one available on the Moodle website, or anything available on the market today! To find out more, please contact one of our sales representatives.

For a more robust solution check out the Refined Training Platform featuring over $1 million of enhancements to the core Moodle platform.
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