A jitter-free HD video playback app that makes sharing web videos in Adobe Connect fast and easy even with users with unreliable connectivity.


Kate Peterson
Paul Getty
Susan Thomas
Arthur Smith
Be sure everyone's ready to play.

There's nothing worse than starting a video in your meeting room that you want everyone to see, only to find that once you've started playing it, attendees with slow connections have to wait while other attendees are somewhere in the middle of the video.

Free with Talking Stick.

Free with every purchase of Talking Stick, the Cachet web video player for Adobe Connect is a simple, light-weight app that makes sharing videos with meeting room attendees fast and easy. Simply add a URL to any publicly accessible video on the internet, including YouTube videos, and each attendee will automatically start to download the video to their machine's system buffer, so when you click the play button every attendee is truly playing the video in-sync with each other.
As a meeting room host using Cachet, you can see how many attendees have completed caching each video next to the video title. Now you know that when you click the play button, everyone will start and finish playing the video at the same time.

Plays Web Videos
Cachet can cache and play many common video types over HTTP such as YouTube, FLV, F4V and MOV videos.
Supports Live Feeds
You can also play any RTMP type feed which can be a live or on-demand video stream.

Audio Streaming
Support for MP3 is built into cachet, so you can preload a song or use it to play lobby music when participants enter your meeting room.
Real-time Cache Monitoring
See in real-time exactly how much of your videos are cached per user. Very handy when you want everyone's video to play in-sync.

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