Updates from Refined Data

Nov 2014

Refined Data Solutions announces the release of the Refined Training LMS Version 3.2

Refined Data Solutions, a leading provider of eLearning solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.2 of Refined Training a commercial LMS deployment based on an integration of Moodle 2.7, Adobe Connect 9.3 and well over $1 million in custom extensions and enhancements not available from any other vendor, funded by the rapidly growing Refined Training Community. The latest release also includes access to the new enterprise-grade Reports-4-Moodle functionality based on JasperReports and eCommerce solutions for sites that want to sell their courses and content.

This latest release incorporates numerous new capabilities for Continuing Professional Education certification, expiration and recertification, integration with iMIS and other 3rd-party Association Management platforms, numerous powerful web services and even deeper integration with Adobe Connect for Virtual Live Instructor Led Training sessions.

Users of Refined Training benefit from a unique blended learning environment that lets them move seamlessly between self-paced content, live classroom sessions, one-on-one remote live mentoring and much more.

Refined Training 3.2 also introduces a new integration activity with Vantage Point, the patented extension to Adobe Connect that allows instructors to view all of their remote students at one time outside of the confines of the virtual classroom. This experience is the closest thing to teaching in person that is available for online instruction and Vantage Point can now report student interactions back to the LMS as a grade, based on the student's attendance, attention and participation in the live classroom.

Refined Training is hosted on scalable, redundant server clusters running in multiple availability zones on the global Amazon AWS infrastructure with secure deployments for government clients running in the Amazon GovCloud. Refined Training clients enjoy fully supported and managed solutions with cost-effective usage-based fees where they pay only for the users logging in to the system and have no other costs for servers, storage, bandwidth, backups, maintenance, patches or updates.

Refined Data Solutions offers the Refined Training LMS, a leading edge SaaS platform based on Moodle with over $1 million in custom enhancements and extensions not found anywhere else. This remarkable blended learning platform incorporates Adobe Connect and Vantage Point. Refined Data Solutions is an Authorized Adobe Connect Reseller serving North America, EMEA and the APAC regions. The company is recognized as the world's leading authority on extensions and integrations for Adobe Connect.