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Here at Refined Data, we are passionate about the transformation of Online Learning. Our clients span the Globe from Multinational Corporations, Respected Universities, Government Departments to small Start-Ups, who are leveraging our technology to enable the kind of learning that was impossible and unthinkable only a few years ago.

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The Refined Data Team.

Our Mission:

To be Global Leaders in the delivery of elegant and innovative software solutions that transform Online Education and Training.

Our Vision:

To deliver results for our customers, their students and employees that are not just cheaper solutions, but smarter solutions.

Our Offerings Include:

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customers: Global Fortune 1000 Companies.

*Refined Data Solutions is an Authorized Adobe Connect Reseller in North America, EMEA and the APAC regions

Our Core Values

To create solutions so elegant and simple that our customers can only wonder why no-one has thought of them before.

To engage, inspire and delight our customers with 'off the page' innovation.

To enable our customers to deliver learning to more people, in more places, at lower cost, and with a reduced carbon footprint.

To make each and every customer feel like our only customer and to consistently excel at providing superb customer service that surpasses their expectations.

To create a work environment that allows each employee to maximize their potential both personally and professionally, while making a meaningful contribution to the success of each customer, and in doing so, to make the world a better place to learn, work and contribute.

To demonstrate respect for people and the environment in an unwavering commitment to integrity in all aspects of our business.

To provide exceptional value to our shareholders.

Risk Management Solutions for Property Managers

In addition to our world-class suite of eLearning tools, Refined Data Solutions is also proud to be revolutionizing Risk and Environmental Management for Building Owners, Property Managers, and their clients

To learn more about the Refined Risk suite of solutions, please visit www.RefinedRisk.com

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