Delivering the best eLearning experiences.
Creating the most advanced toolset to help you train and engage your learners.

Refined Training combines the power of Adobe Connect web conferencing technology with an industry leading Learning Management platform.
This is blended learning at its best.

The world's most flexible, live virtual classroom solution (Adobe® Connect™) meets the world's most popular LMS (Moodle®) in a seamless integration from Refined Data Solutions!

View and interact with all your students while you present online, just like in a real classroom but with no real estate used in Adobe Connect.
A game-changer for online learning.

The most advanced teleconference solution for Adobe Connect;
One rate world wide, supports SIP dialing, audio breakouts, voice-to-text transcription, and much more.

Stream HD video from live events using studio cameras, camcorders, webcams and remote sources; desktop shares, video capture devices, or other USB devices.

Make your Adobe Connect meetings fun and interactive with a better interface for attendees to set their status including applause and laughter audio tracks, chat notifications and detection of multi-tasking.

Calculate and report on your enterprise carbon cost and mileage savings in your Adobe Connect meeting rooms, and share a map of everyone's location in your room.

Adobe Connect
Communicate your ideas powerfully using Adobe® Connect
web conferencing software.

Adobe Connect is consistently ranked as the Leading Web Conferencing Solution and Virtual Classroom. It is also the only extensible platform allowing clients to build sophisticated applications that extend the underlying environment.

Securely share presentations and multimedia right from your desktop, and get feedback from hundreds of participants - all using a web browser and the Adobe Flash® Player runtime, already installed on more than 98% of Internet-connected personal computers.

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Refined Data Solutions is an Authorized Adobe® Reseller. But we do more than just sell you the software - we can implement it and train your entire team, too!
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Licensed to provide Hosted, On Premise and Manage Solutions in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Australia. Nobody knows Adobe like we do!